Career Advantage: American Alcohol Servers Still Need RSA Training In Sydney

If you are a licensed alcohol server in Washington, who just recently migrated to Australia? Should you undergo a RSA Melbourne training?

In the United States, for all people who are involved in selling, making and serving alcohol are required to undergo MAST or Mandatory Alcohol Server Training. It is a necessary requirement for managers, bartenders and other employees that serve alcohol, including any legit establishment that sells alcohol like bars and restaurants. On the part of bartenders or alcohol servers, this kind of training is definitely a significant addition to one’s credentials for it is a requirement that is needs to be submitted within 60 days of hire.

In Melbourne or in any parts of Sydney, this type of occupational education is called RSA or training for Responsible Service of Alcohol. It is a mandatory requirement for everyone that serves alcohol.

In the United States, the training for alcohol servers varies from state to state, and even jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The clarity and specificity of the training given is often not seen, and the “alcohol server training” is often generally understood as training on the act of serving alcohol.  The training carries some testing and certification that all depends on the local legislation. There are 30 states that have an alcohol training program, each regulating it in different ways. Some mandating it while others make it as a voluntary choice.

As for Australia, the whole country mandates everyone, even the sommeliers and business owners to undergo training and follow a national unit of competency in all trainings. There are reciprocity rules that some states in Australia uses, mainly a state have reciprocity for another specific state mainly because the training program is just almost the same. Thus, if the trainings that an American alcohol bartender of alcohol server has undergone is almost parallel to what is given in Australia, there is a good chance for those trainings to be recognized, but certain RSA certification requirement may still apply, depending on the RSA accreditation procedures of his or her employment agency, if there’s any.

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