Moving To Washington’s Booming Economy: Relocating Your Business With Professional Movers

Business owners have a difficult time of trying to generate new customers, especially if they’ve been stuck in the same city for more than a few years now. There’s always a tendency that a new store that comes along will take all of their customers, leaving them in the dust. This is a big dilemma for businesses found in small cities or towns. Business owners have two alternatives in order to counter such dilemma: the easy way out is to close the business and the risky move of moving to a new location. Let’s discuss the possibilities of moving to a new location.

What if you’re a business owner from Australia and you want to move your business to another country, like Washington, USA? Believe it or not, finding movers or professional removalists to help you move to another country is just the first part of the challenge. The most difficult parts are the transition and acquisition of new documents when moving to USA and its other states.


The easiest type of business to move would be those belonging to the sole proprietorship category. It’s almost hassle-free to move from state to state; mainly because sole proprietorships are established with a name certificate, along with fictitious name certificate, and DBA or Doing Business As license. The first step to moving your business to Washington is to update your DBA. This can be acquired from the authority that you acquired the DBA or where you registered your business.

Afterwards, it’s time to fill out a change of address, correction or withdrawal of address form. These forms may be named differently in other countries, but in general, it’s the form that allows you to change your business address. Certain fees will then be charged, when necessary, in order to process the change of address. Once the forms are accomplished, send it to the authorities.

Once you’re done with the address change, it’s time to register your business in Washington before you withdraw your business from its previous address. Basically, the same process can still be followed if you move to another state, city, or region in the USA. Bigger companies like partnerships and corporations will be doing different kinds of paperwork in order to accomplish the relocation to Washington.

Once you’re completely settled in, be sure to take note of the following policies and guidelines like local property tax abatements, tax policies, and the different fees involved in running a business in Washington.

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