Should We Have A Carbon Tax In America

It has become a rather common thing for governments of the world to dissuade individuals from depending on carbon sources of energy. They may have very good ground to do this. The governments are of the opinion that carbon source of energy is not renewable and they are of the opinion that people should diversify into other areas where energy can be derived instead of basing the whole economy on carbon as its source of power. In order to make this idea stick, the governments are unitizing various means to make their people comply. In the United States for example, the government is looking into imposition of carbon tax. The idea is that the implementation will force people to look into other sources of power generation and this will put lots of control to how carbon is used as source of energy for furniture rental.

Why the departure from carbon. 

Many of us must have heard about global warming and the effect it has on our world today. The extensive use of carbon in provision of power had been found to be responsible for this development. Each time carbon is used to generate energy, carbon monoxide is released into the atmosphere. The carbon monoxide tends to increase the atmospheric temperature and this had been leading to the melting of those ice packs at the poles. The rage of storm and flooding that had been experienced in several parts of the world bears testimonies to the effects of this global warming, besides the efforts of bus hire Melbourne.

The consumption of carbon for energy generation had also led to the release of certain dangerous chemicals to the atmosphere. A very good example of such chemicals is the one referred to as chlorofluorocarbon. It is commonly refer to as CFC. CFC is very dangerous in that it reacts with ozone. Ozone forms a layer above the earth and the layer is responsible for decreasing the intensity of the ultraviolet ray from the sunlight on the Earth. The intensive dependence on carbon as a source of energy had led to the extended depletion in the ozone layer and this had brought about an increase in the rate at which the ultraviolet ray penetrates into earth. Green house effect had been the unavoidable outcome of this situation.

It is expected that a diversion into other sources of power generation will steam the rate at which the world gets damaged from the UV ray and the melting ice at the poles. Because of this, the United States government may be making the right decision to implement carbon tax in the country.


It is also important to note that not all other sources of power generation aside carbon are expensive. Some of them are actually considerably cheap. Even if they are expensive in monetary terms, they may end up being more helpful to the environment and also prevent huge spending by government on managing environmental disasters, which would hurtlifestyle Australia. The implementation of the carbon tax may therefore be one of the things that are highly needed in the United States to help save our world.

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